ServiceNow is the fastest growing SaaS provider in the world with more than 2.7B in revenue and 5,400 enterprise clients. MobiChord, owned by ServiceNow ventures, has developed a spend management application that leverages the technological advantages of the native ServiceNow architecture.

Profit Enhancement Systems Managed Services Provider (MSP) Relationship with MobiChord

ServiceNow affords PES the ability to provision our clients on the platform of a major enterprise software provider, garnering PES a major competitive advantage. Profit Enhancement is now the only spend management-as-a-service company aligned with a partner whose sole business is developing Cloud-based software technology that digitizes IT workflows for all key organizational processes.

Benefits of the PES Managed Service Delivery Model

Profit Enhancement Systems’ Managed Service Delivery Model provides our clients with:

  1. Implementation savvy and experience
  2. Domain expertise – in both spend management and platform utilization
  3. The industry’s only ROI guarantee
  4. Well-defined scope with monitoring
  5. Navigation of non-automated process challenges (invoice management, reporting, change management)
  6. Return to staff focus on key business activities

How it works

PES’ managed services layered on the ServiceNow – MobiChord platform provide complete spend management lifecycle services (See Figure 1):

  • Gain real-time visibility into costs
  • Full procure-to-pay lifecycle management
  • Full-service vendor dispute
    resolution management
  • Invoice approval workflows and history
    give control over spend
  • AP automation includes payment file
    production and exception management
  • Dashboard analytics and reports
  • Complete category-specific vendor
    contract database
  • Domain expertise in implementation and
    recurring category spend management
  • Fully integrated inventory database for all
    service types
  • Bring wireline, wireless, and cloud
    categories under a single pane of glass
  • Sourcing advisory/event management

A managed service deployment model substantially reduces risk, maximizes time to value, and ensures a complete, professional implementation process without overwhelming your internal staff.

MobiChord Application Benefits

The MobiChord application (see figure 1) provides our clients with:

  1. a single-system-of-action that enables integrated and automated processes across telecom functions
  2. Leveraged ServiceNow capabilities for intuitive workflows
  3. An integrated CMDB “system of record”
  4. Pre-configured integration hubs (HR, accounting, provider order management, etc.)
  5. Key cloud vendor spend management capabilities
  6. The ability to ‘Liquidate’ costs incurred on a company-wide basis, assigning them to business units

Figure 1

MobiChord in Action

What does the MobiChord dashboard and application look like to a Profit Enhancement Systems client?

Interested in a Demo?

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