Recover billing errors and lower spend on a pay-for-performance basis

Profit Enhancement has executed more than 600 network expense audit and optimization engagements over 25 years with a proven, repeatable process producing high-value customer results while treating vendors with professionalism and respect. Network service providers are less than reliable when it comes to billing accuracy and overall client financial stewardship resulting in profit leaks for your enterprise.

At Profit Enhancement, we are seasoned veterans delivering audits that recover your lost profits, eliminate unnecessary charges on a prospective basis, and clarify the actual portfolio of services that your company has in place. We use proprietary contract compliance analytics, sophisticated client reporting, and advanced data analysis techniques. These proven methods translate into client value by driving higher recovery and savings rates.

A comprehensive scope of service yields substantial results

Our clients realize savings rates of 10-40% as a result of our audit and optimization engagements. When you partner with Profit Enhancement for a telecom billing audit and optimization, we execute the following tasks on your behalf:

  • Exhaustive review of all service types
  • Contract compliance assessment
  • Inventory rationalization
  • Identification of erroneous charges, production of vendor claims, and management of the entire recovery process
  • Project report generation

Answer these key questions that affect your bottom line:

  1. Have we paid for services that have been billed incorrectly by our network partners?
  2. Have we paid for services that have not even been in place?
  3. Are our contract price-points validated and optimized?
  4. Are we able to act on any available savings opportunities, or to avoid any financial risks?